Properly installed rain gutters will direct rainwater runoff away from the buildings foundation where it may leak into the basement, or cause damage to the foundation itself by causing it to heave or settle. Excessive water buildup can lead to mold growth in basements and crawl spaces. Gutter systems can be installed immediately after your roof installation to aid in the overall time of your homes project.

Gutter Guards keep falling leaves and debris out of your gutter system allowing proper flow of rain into downspouts and onto the ground.

If you suspect you have hail damage to your roof, there’s no reason to get your ladder out and climb up there. Here are a couple of signs to help you determine if you have hail damage while keeping your feet firmly on the ground.

  1. Take a look at your gutters. Visible dents in and on your gutter system is a sure sign of roof damage.
  2. Another easy way to determine if you have roof damage will be to look at the downspouts of your gutters. Hail stones slamming onto your roof will cause the granules of the shingles to become loosened and flow off your roof, into your gutters and down onto the ground.
  3. Look at your car. If you are taking your car to be fixed because of hail damage, you can be assured your roof is quite damaged as well.
  4. If your neighbor is replacing their roof due to a recent hail storm, there is a 90% chance that your home is damaged as well.

After all of these, if you still feel the need to climb on that ladder, give us a call, climbing on ladders and roofs is what we do best!

If you find these hail damage signs on and around your home or business, or if your just not sure, give us a call at

 405-525-3405 for a free inspection. 

Residential Roofing

This home required a Re-Deck due to severe hail damage to the shingles and decking which is the base for your home roof structure.

Hail Damage

What you need to know

When you live in Oklahoma, it isn't a matter of if a hail storm will hit, it is only a matter when will it hit.

In 2013, State Farm Insurance ranked Oklahoma #4 Nationwide in Wind/Hail Claims, with damages resulting in more than $3 Billion in damages and over 17,000 claims.

The first and foremost important thing to take care of during a hail storm is the safety of yourself and your loved ones.

If you are indoors, stay there, if not, seek shelter. Hail can shatter windows, close your drapes, blinds or shades to help prevent blowing wind from scattering glass inside. Pull cars, RV's, boats, lawn and patio furniture into covered area.

During hail storms, hail will hit your home's roof, sky lights and windows, it is going to be loud, REALLY LOUD. Try to stay calm, and, well, let the storm pass.

We know how hard it is to see damage happening to your home and your property, but as long as you are safe, everything else can and will be fixed or replaced.

Initially, and immediately, after a hail storm, you will want to access your property for any damages. The most important places will be your windows and roof. If there are any holes, they will need a temporary patch or tarp to keep the rain damages to a minimum. We can help get this taken care of immediately.


A lot of your home's HVAC system loses its power directly through your roof. Without proper insulation, your energy bills can be sky high. Have one of our guys come out and take a look at it – we might be able to save you money on your seasonal electricity bills.


Can your roof withstand every storm? If you're not sure, or you have an aging roof that's been well weathered, have one of our inspectors come out and take a look. It's very possible you're subject to further damage without proper flashing installed.

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